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Sara Fashandi's Biography


I was born in Tehran, Iran and came to USA to attend college in 1977 right before the revolution. Big thanks to my mom who had a larger vision for her children-- higher education for a better life. I studied Biochemistry at The Ohio State University. Currently, I live in Northern CA. In 2006, during a family reunion I stumbled upon my brother's fascinating life while he was growing up in Tehran. When I heard his stories, I felt that we lived in two different households for we were not as poor by the time I was born. I cried writing some of the stories, losing my 9month- old baby brother in a tragic way, or moving to the new house with little money. I laughed at other stories because of funny things my brother did when he fell in love with lovely girls in our neighborhood in his teens. The stories brought us closer to each other a million times more. I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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